3 Day Detox

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(Read description fully before purchasing)

Important *** Juice Flavor choices are made at checkout. Please use field at checkout that says Special instructions for seller. Type in Flavor choices there. Must equal 10 juices in total. (Ex. 5 Sunset 3 Exotic Mint 2 Magical Carrot=10)***


  • Sunset
  • Tropical Twist
  • The Flaming Monster
  • Exotic Mint
  • Magical Carrot
  • Level 1 Green Monster
  • Level 2 Green Monster
  • Extreme Green Monster
  • Vibrant Thang
  • 820 Heart Beet

    This detox consist of 10 juices of your choice(16oz),  this will require you to drink 3 juices for 3 days! Includes 2 free wellness shots for $100

    We are not doctors or medical professionals. With our experience in the  juicing field we have done our research and the results of many studies we have discovered that one of the best ways is to detox is by juicing.

    Any detox you choose to start with make sure to drink water through out the day and snack on nuts, fruits, berries and vegetables. ( No Solid foods)